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Orthodoxy in the law

Russia, XXI century. The new “sovereign democracy” demands new approaches to protect its unpopular and invalid solutions to keep minds under control. Behind closed doors it secretly decides pushing the religious mind setting by breaking the key civil and secular law – Constitution of Russia

From being the space leader Russia starts rolling back to medieval society. The mindset of rapidly orthodoxized country leaders successfully combines profane rites with church ranks and economics modernization. The orthodox church persistently and aggressively absorbs the ideological vacuum penetrating into all areas of civil society like school, army, kinder garden, power which are proclaimed by Constitution to be secular.

The film as a 90 minutes' exclusive documentary survey done over years by an ex-munch of Russian Orthodox Church with 13 years experience is dedicated to the 20 years’ anniversary of Constitution of Russia. It objectively portrays the current religious happenings, gives voice to various and even contradictory positions articulated by civil experts, scientists, journalists, orthodox church representatives - with an attempt to specify the challenges and threats of rising society clericalization.

The film production was fully sponsored by citizens of Russia

Review of the film:

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